Monday, 28 October 2013

The M&M Report: Get Over Him, Girl!

You asked: "How do you move on from a love even when you've tried to go out on other dates and nothing seems to work out?"
Michelly answered: "Ahh yes that is a good question and there really isn't a wrong or right answer either. I would suggest that you keep trying to go out on dates, take your time and  do not feel pressured to get emotionally involved or change who you are so you can be in a new relationship.  Maybe put yourself out there more frequently by trying going out with friends more or sign up for one of your favorite activities and you never know you might bond with someone there. Also, surround yourself with positive people like your friends and family. A good support system can help you through almost anything and before you know it, the one you can't get over will soon be a distant memory."
Maddy answered: "First of all, get rid of any pictures, gifts or anything that reminds you of him out of your house. Keeping those things is like keeping your emotions bottled up, you're going to torture yourself by keeping those as reminders until you're finally ready to explode... which in your case sounds like you might continue to give yourself reasons to cry over him. I know this advice sounds really harsh, but trust me it works. Keep in mind that men (when they are the dumper) tend to get over a relationship faster than we do. So here's your chance to stick it to him! I second what Michelly says, go out with your girlfriends "sew your wild oats" and all those other cheesy clichés I could use in this response. Just promise us that you won't torture yourself by holding onto the past when you're future is so much brighter."
Maddy (Ruby Red Contributor)
Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor) 

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