Sunday, 27 October 2013

Bestie Fun 101!

It's starting to get into those winter months again! So we thought it would be fun to create a quick list of things you can do with your besties during those days where you have no choice but to be stuck inside or even during those times when you're itching to play in some powder!
Winter Bestie Fun 101 (Indoors)
1. Bake up a storm! During a half day off from school or a long weekend, rally up a bunch of your girlfriends and bake some cookies or cupcakes! We hear the S'mores cookies are really good! (recipe to follow)
2. Princess Party! Who doesn't love a good Disney Princess movie? Or how about a marathon of them? Grab your buddies, pop some popcorn, make some cocktails (virgin or with alcohol), dress up as your fave princesses and pretend like you're the "Belle of the Ball."
3. Game Day! You're never to old to play 'Truth or Dare' or even 'Go Fish'. Find a game that you and your besties all love, throw on a pot of hot tea/coffee or hot chocolate, eat some of those tasty treats you made earlier and let your competitive nature shine!
4. Strike a Pose! You can go as fancy as you like by creating your own backdrop or props or you can be as simple as you want by taking photos with just funny faces. A fun photo shoot can make those dreary winter days go by fast and you'll have photo evidence of that wonderful day spent with your closest girlfriends!
5. Get Crafty! Round up a couple of your besties and get your creativity on. Surf Pinterest boards (preferably ours) and get some DIY ideas. Maybe make some cute customized wine glasses/charms to give as Christmas presents or paint ceramics together! The options are endless.
Winter Bestie Fun 101 (Outdoors)
1. Build a Snowman family! This is  the perfect opportunity for a few friends to get together and go break in their new snow pants. You can get as creative with these families as you want, give them names, customize their carrot noses, facial expressions or whatever you please. Plus, the end result (your snowman family) is enjoyable and makes your neighborhood a little more festive for the holiday season!
2. Have a snowball fight! Well, a nice one anyways. Gather a couple of your friends, divide up into teams, and get launching. Decide on the rules and a prize and finish up the game with a hot cup of hot chocolate from Tim Horton's! Tip: make sure you don't throw it like a dodge ball and that the snowball doesn't contain rough ice pieces. Ouch!
3. Go skating! Not everyone is coordinated to go snowboarding or go skiing and sometimes it's easy to feel left out when some of your friends decide to hit the slopes while you're stuck at home babysitting the dog - again! To us, skating is a safer winter sport (well, kinda if you disregard the sharp blades) but chances are if you ask your friend up the street to hit the local ice pond for a quick skate she'll say yes and you won't have to be bored on another weekend.
4. Strike a Pose! Michelle and Maddy do this all the time. It doesn't matter what the weather conditions are they always try to have fun. Find a scenic place in your neighborhood or city, grab two cameras (trust us you'll need them) and start taking pictures of whatever you feel like. Do funny faces, cute winter portraits, awkward poses or reference a photo challenge list either and tackle the challenge together!  Trust us, it might be cold while you're outside waiting for your camera to take the picture, but the backdrop of crisp snow banks makes it worth it! Tip: wear boots if you plan on stomping through deep snow banks, you don't want to have to heat your socks up over the car air vents!
5. Be an Angel! Again, you're never too young to make a snow angel! Honestly, when was the last time you even made a snow angel? Even though this doesn't take up a lot of time, you and your friends can head outside and make funny snow angels together while you wait for your next pot of tea to boil!
So there you have it, a quick list of 10 activities to do both indoor and outdoor with your best friends! We hope this will bring you lots of joy and entertainment as the winter months begin and Christmas holidays grow closer!
Do you have an idea or activity that you do with your friends during winter break? Share your opinion by leaving a comment or message! 

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