Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Quick Tip: Study Stresses

Whether you're in middle school, high school, your community college or university getting your graduate degree, school can take a toll on anyone. Especially during this part of the school year where you're either in the middle of midterms, just finishing them up or getting ready for that big unit test on Monday.
With that being said we brainstormed a short list of S.S.S.F's (Student Study Stress Relievers) for you. Use as many of them as you want or create some of your own and share them below! We hope this helps and remember not to let the pressures of school get you down!
1. Exercise. When your studying and you feel like you've hit a brick wall, take a break. An exercise break that is. Take your dog for a walk outside, head over to your local gym for a spin class or even practise yoga on the yoga mat you begged your mom for at Christmas. Sometimes it helps to get away from the environment that's causing you stress. Don't feel bad about taking an hour break to exercise. Trust us when we say that you will go back to studying with a clearer mind and you'll probably find that while you're running on the treadmill or throwing punches at a punching bag, you'll be rehearsing what you just studied in the back of your mind.
2. Make a schedule. I am attending university online so a lot of my study time has to come from a place of motivation and when I feel like I am ready to learn. And don't kid yourself I have to self-motivate myself a lot. Creating a schedule helped me feel like I was attending regular classes (even though I'm in my jammies) but it also helped me get into a routine, so when 9:00a.m rolls around I don't need to push myself to get motivated, I already am  because it has become a lifestyle choice I made.
3. Don't pressure yourself, reward yourself. Studying takes a lot of motivation, commitment and mental stamina. So if on Friday night, you've only been studying for that unit exam for only 2 hours and have caught yourself dozing off - stop studying! This goes hand in hand with taking an exercise break, but the more you pressure yourself into memorizing the material in the textbook or trying to solve that one algebra equation that just isn't making sense, just stop what you're doing and go reward yourself. Go watch a 30 minute comedy show on T.V (2 Broke Girls, Dads, Mom, Big Bang Theory) and get yourself into that happy place again where you don't feel like everything is riding on that one exam. It's okay to strive to be successful in school, but there's successful and there's being pressured. And if you still feel like you cannot get into studying biology terminology, call it a night because when you're stressed and beating yourself up over something chances are you won't remember it anyways because whether you want to admit it or not, you've already mentally checked out. So, get some rest, hang out with friends, watch a movie and cuddle with your dog because tomorrow is another day. Remember that it should be about the journey, enjoy life, spread out your activities throughout the week because you do not have to cram everything in on one day.
4. You're personal best IS always good enough. You shouldn't feel like you have to be the best at everything. In my humble opinion that's what causes stress and anxiety. When it's time to take that test remember that you did your best throughout the week. You prepared physically by working out all your stress and nerves through exercise and, you made a schedule to help keep you motivated and organized. You also prepared mentally, not just by studying the course material, but by reassuring yourself that you're enough, you're personal best is good enough, you studied, you had fun and enjoyed the journey now you have to leave the rest up to someone else because you did all you can do to become successful.
Have a study stress reliever of your own? Leave us a comment below!
Maddy ( Ruby Red Contributor) 

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