Sunday, 17 November 2013

November "Hit the Books" Playlist!

As most of you college/high school students are fully aware, exams are just around the corner. Here at Ruby Red, we decided to share the 20 song playlist that we listen to anytime we need to focus and study for hours on end. Again, this playlist is a combination of a variety of different genres of music. However, we did pick "softer" songs so you won't be tempted to ditch your studies and dance around the kitchen or library! You know who you are! Anyways, let's get to the playlist and we hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to add your own favorite tunes in the comments below!

November "Hit the Books" Playlist
1. I Won't Fight It - Andrew Belle
2. Indian Summer - Lyon
3. I See Fire - Ed Sheeran
4. Say Something - A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera
5. All of Me - John Legend
6. A Case of You - James Wolpert (The Voice Studio Version)
7. Beautiful Mess - Diamond Rio
8.When Your Lips are So Close - Gord Bamford
9. Come a Little Closer - Dierks Bentley
10. Beware - Big Sean feat. Lil Wayne, Jhene Aiko
11. Dark Black - Kristina Train
12. Hey Pretty Girl - Kip Moore
13. Hold On, We're Going Home - Drake
14.I Almost Do - Taylor Swift
15.Let Her Go - Passenger
16. Adorn - Miguel
17. One and Only - Adele
18. Stars - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
19.Sad - Maroon 5
20. Young Girls - Bruno Mars

November "Heart Breaker" Playlist!


After going through our own playlists for a good amount of time, here is a list of the best breakup songs we could find for this month. Hopefully these songs will help you get through those days when you need to hear a slow love song, an angry revenge song or a song about beginning to gain your confidence again! Note: some of these songs may contain coarse language or suggestive material.
November "Heart Breaker" Playlist
1. The War is Over - Kelly Clarkson
2. Goodbye In Her Eyes - Zac Brown Band
3. Gunpowder & Lead - Miranda Lambert
4. Hear Me - Imagine Dragons
5. The Last Time - Taylor Swift
6. Mama's Broken Heart - Miranda Lambert
7. Lightweight - Demi Lovato
8. What Now - Rihanna
9. I Drive Your Truck - Lee Brice
10. Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford & Sons
11. Lovers' Eyes - Mumford & Sons
12. Shame - Keith Urban
13. Someone Like You - Adele
14. Stay - Rihanna
15. The Sun Will Rise - Kelly Clarkson
16. Wasting All These Tears - Cassadee Pope
17. When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars
18. Whiskey - Jana Kramer
19.Wipe Your Eyes - Maroon 5
20. Two Black Cadillacs - Carrie Underwood

November "Road Runner" Playlist

Ever searched iTunes for a bunch of new music for your road trip and have come up empty handed? Well look no further. We created a list of 20 songs that will satisfy every taste of music you may want to hear on your next adventure! Note: some of these songs contain coarse language.
November "Road Runner" Playlist
1. Take the Week Off - Deric Ruttan
2. Lose Yourself to Dance - Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams
3. Young & Lazy - The Matinee
4. City of Angels - Thirty Seconds to Mars
5. Made in the USA - Demi Lovato
6. Your Body - Makeshift Innocence
7. Sorry - Naya Rivera
8. Sister (Blackwatch Remix) - Andrew Belle
9. The Monster - Eminem feat. Rihanna
10. Don't Ya - Brett Eldredge
11.Come As You Are - Nirvana
12. Don't Rush - Kelly Clarkson feat. Vince Gill
13. Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton feat. Pistol Annies
14. Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys
15. Stubborn Love - The Lumineers
16. Highway Don't Care - Tim McGraw feat. Taylor Swift & Keith Urban
17. Big Slice - Jonas & The Massive Attraction
18. Rock of Ages - Def Leppard
19. Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun) - The Weeknd
20. From Time - Drake feat. Jhene Aiko

November "Work-it-Out" Playlist!


 Since the interest in exercising and switching over to an active lifestyle has increased over several years, we decided that every month we would post a playlist for you active folks out there because let's be honest, sometimes you need a new playlist from time to time. Our playlists on our website are going to contain a variety of music, not just one genre. These are simple suggestions and sometimes our own personal playlists to help you keep your workout playlists fun, fresh and up to date. Note: Some of the music does contain coarse language so if need be, find the clean version! That being said, it's time to let the music do the talking!
November "Work-it-Out" Playlist
1. Do What U Want - Lady GaGa feat. R.Kelly
2. Love Me Again - John Newman
3. Mama Let Him Play - Doucette
4. Heartbeat - Childish Gambino
5.Walking on Air - Katy Perry
6. Up in the Air - Thirty Seconds to Mars
7. Never Done It Like This - Steven Lee Olsen
8. Give it 2 U - Robin Thicke feat. Kendrick Lamar
9. Still Into You - Paramore
10. Put Your Hands Up - Matchbox 20
11. Turn Up The Night - Enrique Iglesias
12. Here Comes the Hotstepper (Heartical Mix) - Ini Kamoze
13. Supersoaker - Kings of Leon
14. Everybody Talks - Neon Trees
15. The Booze Cruise - Blackjack Billy
16. Kill Me - The Pretty Reckless
17. Crazy Bitch - Buckcherry
18.Good Thing - Keith Urban
19.What Type O' Ride Are You? - Jonas and the Massive Attraction
20. Rock You Like A Hurricane - Scorpions 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

News Flash: Baby Gone Wilde!

Babies are invading Hollywood! Actress Olivia Wilde and her fiancé Jason Sudeikis have announced that they are expecting their first child!
Can you imagine not only how funny that kid is going to be but also how good looking?
The SNL actor proposed to Wilde last January and ever since the two have only grown even more in love that is almost makes us sick... almost! 
Just like us, the couples fans are thrilled about the news. So much so that Olivia took to her twitter account to graciously thank her fans for their tremendous amount of support for her and Jason.
"WOW. You guys are awesome. So kind. Thank you thank you thank you. P.S - Babies eat mostly salsa right?" (Olivia's twitter message to her fans)
We couldn't be happier for the couple and we wish them all the happiness once this little bundle of joy enters their lives!
Time to make your predictions folks! What do you think baby Sudeikis is going to be: a boy or a girl? Our bets are on a boy!

News Flash: Wedding Bells for Lauren!

Well it's official! Lauren Conrad of "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills" fame is engaged!
William Tell, her beau of nearly two years, popped the question a few weeks ago (Oct 13th) and she shared the news with her fans via, her twitter account and she shared a picture of her beautiful engagement ring through her Instagram account.
Fans of the reality star have shown their excitement along with Lauren and we're sure they will be following along with her as she starts planning for her future nuptials. Since the reality star gone fashion mogul has already shared her journey with us this far, we are positive she will be posting more pictures of her wedding plans, such as flower arrangements, music selection and table settings.
That being said, fans shouldn't hope for a televised wedding. If there is one thing that sets Lauren apart from the rest of her reality co-stars is that when she said she was done with television, she really meant it! Sure she may sell her wedding photos to a magazine such as People or Martha Stewart Weddings (Lauren really likes Martha Stewart) but don't plan on seeing the whole event live. Ever since she left reality television Lauren has worked hard to prove that she is a business savvy humanitarian who has devoted herself to the empire she has built from the ground up. A televised wedding would go against the brand she has created herself, the brand which proves that she is more than just another person you watch on television.
Let's talk guests. It's safe to say that there will not be many familiar faces invited to the wedding. That is, familiar faces from "The Hills" anyways. We could definitely see Lo Bosworth (one of Lauren's best friends since school) being a bridesmaids along with her younger sister and a few other friends she has had since high school (Jilly & Maura perhaps?) What about Brody Jenner, Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge? We wouldn't count them in as the reality starts haven't kept in touch that much over the years. As far as familiar faces from "Laguna Beach" goes, we could totally see Stephen, Dieter, Trey and maybe a few others sitting in on her wedding as well.
Let's talk location. We could totally see Lauren going back home and getting married in Laguna Beach or Malibu. Somewhere romantic, private and intimate where the happy couple and their guests can have a great time and be comfortable. We wouldn't be surprised to see Lauren get married this summer either. She is very open with her feminine and girly side and with gorgeous summer weather it gives her unlimited options for what kind of color palette she might choose to base her wedding around. We see pretty pastel blues, yellows and pinks as being a possible choice!
Let's talk the future Mrs. William Tell. Of course Lauren won't be changing her last night (we'd be shocked if she did) since "Lauren Conrad" is her brand. However, as far as the future goes for her, don't be too surprised if you see her release another book in the near future all about party planning, especially weddings. You can also look forward to her expanding her clothing line out into the bridal market as well. The thing with Lauren is, whatever she experiences, whatever tips and tricks she learns, she wants you to learn, experience and grow alongside her! Even though after marriage usually comes a baby carriage.. we don't expect Lauren to be on the "baby bump watch" anytime soon. Another great quality about Lauren Conrad is that she likes to really take in and experience every moment of her life. You can count on her enjoying being a wife, entrepreneur, fashion icon and role model before she starts writing children's books and creating a line of eco-friendly baby products like Jessica Alba.
Overall, we are wishing Lauren and William all the best as they get ready for a beautiful and memorable moment in both of their lives!

The Rumor Mill: What's going on with Gosling?

So rumor has it that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are on the rocks! Media outlets have reported that
they broke up a few months ago but agreed to "work on their relationship" and try again.
Unfortunately there are speculations that Ryan Gosling has quite the moody personality (we'd believe it, he's a Disney kid aren't they all?) and she has a tendency to let her jealousy get in the way of their romance.
Although it's sad to see a celebrity couple break up, especially when they seemed to make each other very happy, but I think we can all agree that having Ryan back out on the market is a breath of fresh air for women everywhere! Our fingers are crossed for him and Rachel McAdams to get back together again, third times a charm right?
What do you think about this news? Are you shocked that they have already broken up once already and are willing to try it again? Are you hoping the rumor isn't true and that they stay together? Either way we'll be keeping our eyes and ears on this story and hopefully Rachel McAdams will too!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ask Michelly: New date night ideas

You asked: "What are some different date ideas that I can recommend to my boyfriend? I am so tired of going on the same dinner and movie cliché date!"
Michelly answered: "If you can afford it, think about taking a little day trip somewhere. Maybe to the mountains if you live close by them or to a favorite park or maybe find a ranch and pay to go horseback riding for the afternoon.  You could even propose to him that you guys get tickets to a sporting event (basketball, baseball, football or even hockey) that way he gets his way of doing something he'd like to do and you don't have to order the same butternuts quash ravioli at a restaurant where they know you by name!"
Do you have any unique date ideas? Share them in the comments below!
- Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor) 

Ask Michelly: Long Distance Love

You asked: "When you're in a long distance relationship what is the best way to keep things from falling apart? How do you stay committed to each other without letting jealousy or suspicions run rapid?"
Michelly answered: "A long distance relationship definitely has its up and downs so there is no way of getting around that. It takes work. Communication is definitely important to any strong relationship, and even though it may be hard when you two aren't in the same city, it's something you have to keep in mind whenever you feel angry or jealous. If there comes a time where you feel like you're losing interest in the relationship or that maybe he/she is, talk to him when you are both free of distractions. You may find that he misses you as much as you miss him and you may able to find a solution to your jealousy or suspicions. However, if you can never find a time that is convenient for both of you to talk and work things out, it would be best to end the relationship before things completely spiral out of control and you get hurt even more. Skype is also a great resource for long distance relationships. A good way to stay connected and committed to each other while you're apart is to schedule cute little interactive dates via Skype and during this date there cannot be any distractions. No cell phones on it the background or TV's. Just the two of you being able to reconnect and reassure each other of the commitments that you have made. But do remember that as much as it is important that you keep your relationship intact and healthy, it's also important that you live your own life as well. Don't dwell on the days that you can't talk or have Skype dates. Instead join an exercise group or whatever hobby you like, so you will be able to kill some of the time in-between."
- Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor)  

The M&M Report: Accepting a Job

You asked: "If an employer offers the job to you right after you finish your interview in his/her office, should you accept the job just as fast or does it seem too desperate?"
Michelly answered: "If it is a job that you are really interested in and it feels right to you, just go for it! They probably won't see it as desperation - more like that you are eager to start learning and working for such a great company. I wouldn't worry too much about looking desperate. They offered you the job so why wait if its something you want. However, if you are having doubts then I would recommend thanking them for the offer but you will need some time to consider the position. Once you've had time to digest the information your received from your interview, if you decide that you want to accept the job call them back ASAP."
Maddy answered: "While I agree with you a little bit Michelly, I do have to disagree with accepting a job right on the spot. If it is a professional/corporate job offer I would suggest you telling them that you want to take the remainder of the day to think about your options and that you will get back to them before their closing time. To me this showcases that you have other options on the table and that you are a very marketable person and are a hard worker. Sometimes letting future employers think that you are wanted elsewhere will give them an extra push to "up the stakes" and offer you something more if you so choose to work for them. Ex: they may offer you a higher wage/salary, or other offers that will help you excel). However, if you are a part time student looking to work in a retail chain I would say that it is alright to accept the job on the spot. You'll get some work experience under your belt, make your bank account grow while you're looking for the next best thing."
Have you ever been hesitant about taking a job on the spot? Share your experience in the comments below!
-Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor)
-Maddy (Ruby Red Contributor) 

The M&M Report: Choosing the Right Career Path


You asked: "How do you know which career is right for you?"
Michelly answered: "That's a wonderful question! I would suggest trying out a couple jobs, really get some work experience under your belt and find out what your passions, interests are and what are your strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the day career choice is based on which career would make you the happiest long-term. A great resource is OCCinfo ( which hosts a bunch of job descriptions, education requirements and even salary!"
Maddy answered: "I agree with Michelly tenfold. If there was anything I would change about high school is that I think work experience classes should be mandatory. It's never fun leaving school and being thrown into the unexpected. You'll know when you're ready for college and working to save a little more dough never hurt anyone! That being said, when you're looking at colleges and different degree options make sure you sit down with an academic advisor! It may take up some of your time but it will be worth it. The last thing you want to do is enroll in something and not finish it because you hate it (trust me I've been there). Tip: When you go for academic advising, make sure they go through the course material with you for each degree option - not just the program requirements and transfer features. Going through the course material helps because then you will know what you're in for during the next four years of your studies."
Have you found the career of your dreams? Tell us your experience to achieve your career in the comments below!
- Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor)
-Maddy (Ruby Red Contributor)

Ask Michelly: Interview Attire

You asked: "How should I dress for a professional interview?"
Michelly answered: "I would say that you can never go wrong with dress pants and a nice shirt. Remember the golden rules of interview attire: No jeans, no leggings, no logo t-shirts, not hats and no running shoes. If you want to accessorize a rather dull outfit, make sure that your jewelry is tasteful (ex: delicate bracelets, small pendant necklaces, simple rings). If you want a more feminine approach to an interview outfit a dress skirt (pencil and a little passed the knee).  Overall, you want to dress for the part of the job. If you're applying at an office, iron your clothing and make sure you look professional. Most importantly, let your wardrobe show your personality."
- Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor) 

The M&M Report: How to Deal with Workplace Woes

You asked: "How do I excel at a job where my employer isn't very approachable?"
 Michelly answered: "Just keep doing what you are doing. Show up to work on time, complete the tasks required to fulfill a workday and don't be afraid to put in a little extra effort when working around the store/office. Hopefully they will recognize your efforts sooner rather than later and good things will begin to snowball from there. Don't forget to participate in small talk every now and then to create a bond with your employer as well, from there you might become more comfortable with her and vice versa."
Maddy answered: "I agree with Michelly, and it's hard to add anything else really. I would like to expand on how to bond with your employer though. If you work in a small retail store or office, on everyone's down time (ex: lunch break) try to strike up a positive conversation with everyone in the office/store. By putting yourself out there you are marketing yourself to your boss. He/she gets to see the impression you make on others and learn a lot about your personality (what you like, don't like, your long and short-term goals).  By doing so, maybe the next time a new position opens up in the company your employer will consider the positive influence you bring to the company, and BOOM - hello promotion."

Have you overcome obstacles at work that at the time seemed impossible? Share your experience in the comments below!

-Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor)
- Maddy (Ruby Red Contributor) 

Ask Michelly: Should I Date Someone With Kids?

 You asked: "Is it ever okay to date someone with children and how long should I be dating someone before you actually "meet the kids?"
Michelly answered: "This is a hit or miss question because it depends on who your comfortable dating and if you're okay with being secondary in a relationship. I say secondary because you must know that his children will always come first. You have to get used to the idea that while you have a romantic date organized for the both of you, these plans could change at the drop of the hat. If you're comfortable with supporting your man and helping him be a great father, then I think it's okay for you to date someone with children. As far as when you should meet his children, I think you shouldn't meet them for awhile, for about a year when your relationship seems more long-term than just a quick fling. Remember you don't want to confuse his kid(s) if one day you're hanging out with them and a week later you are nowhere to be found."
Have you ever dated someone with kids? Offer your advice in the comments below!

-Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor) 

Ask Michelly: Boyfriend Blunders!

You asked: My new boyfriend saw the pictures I still have of me and my ex on my cell phone. Obviously he was furious, so how do I reassure him that I am committed to him and do not have feelings for my ex?
Michelly answered: I would just continue to reassure him that because you've been so busy having fun with him that you forgot that you even had the pictures. Delete them in front of him if you have to so he knows that they are gone for good and cannot be retrieved elsewhere.

Do you have pictures of your ex lingering around? Leave your advice or opinion in the comments below.

-Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor)


Friday, 1 November 2013

Must Try: Johnson & Johnson Bubble Baths

Like we discussed before, it's getting to be that time where the snow falls more often than the sun shines and winter hats, chunky scarves and fuzzy mittens are a wardrobe staple.
But let's talk about how to warm up after being outside all day! Bath salts, beads, bombs and gels aren't the same anymore. They are so perfumed with a variety of overpowering scents (that should be used for, well - a perfume!) that not a lot of people like relaxing in the tub anymore!
Since the holiday season is about a month away, we thought it would be a good idea to bring your attention to two different bubble baths that are still relaxing, friendly on the body and won't overpower your home with offensive smells. And let's be honest, purchasing bath products for Christmas presents is getting harder and harder each year since scent really is a personal preference.
Here we have two of our favorite bubble bath scents from Johnson's. These bubble baths leave your skin as smooth as a baby's bum, (maybe because the bubble bath is reserved for babies) gives off light and relaxing scents and will leave you feeling refreshed every time you take a soak in your tub!
The bubble bath on the left (the peach colored bottle) is called "Sweet Melon" - it is the perfect light scent of peaches and melon mixed together and because the scent isn't too powerful you are able to relax and enjoy your book without feeling lightheaded after a while.
The bubble bath on the right (the teal colored bottle) is called "Soothing Vapour" - the best way to describe this bubble bath is to think of sitting in a liquid Vicks vapour rub bath. Honestly, this is the perfect bubble bath for after work when you've been lifting and pulling and twisting your body in awkward directions. It rejuvenates the muscles and makes you feel like you just got out of a nice steam bath! This bubble bath works great if you're sick with a cold too! Light some candles, get the water hot enough so you can sit in it, and breathe in the soothing vapour goodness!
These may not be your average or high end bubble baths but they do the trick all the same! You can find these at your local Wal-Mart, London Drugs, Target for about $6.00 and due to their friendly fragrances, they would make the perfect addition to that gift basket your making your neighbor or in-law!
Do you have a bath or beauty product you want us to try? Leave your comment down below! 

Get Organized: Cookie Cutter Edition

It's that time of year again! The time where you start making Christmas lists, getting party supplies, picking out Christmas cards, getting your recipes ready for baking and of course, getting your baking supplies organized (mainly your cookie cutters.)
About a year ago I bought a jumbo box of cookie cutters from Bed Bath & Beyond. In theory it was a great purchase and a great idea to get over 100 cookie cutters at such a low price, (I don't remember the price exactly anymore but I think they were between $19.99 - $25.00) but my only problem with the cookie cutters were that they were plastic and you couldn't really make out what the shapes were supposed to be. However, genius struck me today and I decided that I would "organize" my cookie cutters by holiday or shape and then write on the outside of the bag what shape of cookie cutter was inside each bag so it wouldn't be such a guessing game later on. Could you imagine if I made little ducky shaped cookies and gave them for Christmas gifts? Yikes!
That being said, follow along with the post to see just how I organized my cookie cutters and what you supplies you need to organize your own!
You will need:
2 different color permanent markers
Various sizes of Ziploc bags (depending on how many cutters you have per "category")
Windex & paper towel (to wipe off the permanent marker ink if you make a mistake)

#1.  To start off, I separated my cookie cutters into "categories" or "groups". I separated them into Halloween, Spring, Fun Shapes, Alpha & Numbers and Christmas.
#2.  Next, I decided which size of Ziploc bag I would need for each "group" of cookie cutters and then I listed each cookie cutter that was in in that bag. As you can see for my "Spring" bag I have a; flower, butterfly, tulip, shooting star, bunny, heart(s) and the Easter bunny. I repeated this for each bag needed.
#3. Last but not least, once the ink on the bags dried I tossed all of my cookie cutters into their designated bags, sealed them up and put them away for safe keeping until the holidays!
Now whenever I want to do baking for a special occasion or just cause, all I have to do is look at the label on the front of the bag and I will have easy access to the shape I want to bake with!
Do you have any organization tips? Leave them in the comments below!
- Maddy (Ruby Red Contributor)

Stressed Out? Try These!

So as we all know quite well, final exams are less than a month away and we can expect stress to attack us anyway it can. Luckily, we've found an all natural handy little helper if you suffer from panic attacks or clinical anxiety. Keep in mind that you should always consult a doctor before you take anything to treat a medical condition, even if the product contains healthier ingredients.
After seeing advertisements in several magazines, we were pleasantly surprised to see these stress relieving candies on the shelves at Nutter's, our local health foods store. Though these candies have a tart black current flavor and can leave your mouth feel a little dry, they do relieve stress and they don't have a crazy list of side effects or precautions that heavy medication do.
Not only are the convenient to carry around in your bag (let's be honest carrying bottles of pills in our purses doesn't always boost self-confidence) these little candies work great at maintaining stressful situations. So talk to your doctor about trying a more natural way to control your anxiety and if given the green light, head over to Nutter's and grab a tin for $8.00!
P.S - Not a fan of gummy candies? This natural stress reliever also comes in gum!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Thirty Seconds To Mars - City Of Angels

As if you needed another reason to love Thirty Seconds To Mars, but here is their music video for their song "City of Angels" that Jared Leto, directed, produced and starred in along with several celebrities, impersonators and everyday people who have been touched by the city of Los Angeles.
Here are just a few of the comments made by celebrities that really resonated with us:
" an illusion." - Ashley Olsen (on fame and the city)
"Who knows what's going to happen after this, I don't know. But if this is my only life then why am I not just doing everything that I want to do?" - James Franco  (on living life)
"My little brother calls me Linds, I like that." - Lindsay Lohan (on knowing who she is)
We encourage you to watch this music video, it is lengthier than most music videos but if you have some time to sit down and watch it, we truly recommend that you do. Don't forget to give us your feedback on this video and which statements really resonated with you!
Here is the link to the music video:

Quick Tip: Study Stresses

Whether you're in middle school, high school, your community college or university getting your graduate degree, school can take a toll on anyone. Especially during this part of the school year where you're either in the middle of midterms, just finishing them up or getting ready for that big unit test on Monday.
With that being said we brainstormed a short list of S.S.S.F's (Student Study Stress Relievers) for you. Use as many of them as you want or create some of your own and share them below! We hope this helps and remember not to let the pressures of school get you down!
1. Exercise. When your studying and you feel like you've hit a brick wall, take a break. An exercise break that is. Take your dog for a walk outside, head over to your local gym for a spin class or even practise yoga on the yoga mat you begged your mom for at Christmas. Sometimes it helps to get away from the environment that's causing you stress. Don't feel bad about taking an hour break to exercise. Trust us when we say that you will go back to studying with a clearer mind and you'll probably find that while you're running on the treadmill or throwing punches at a punching bag, you'll be rehearsing what you just studied in the back of your mind.
2. Make a schedule. I am attending university online so a lot of my study time has to come from a place of motivation and when I feel like I am ready to learn. And don't kid yourself I have to self-motivate myself a lot. Creating a schedule helped me feel like I was attending regular classes (even though I'm in my jammies) but it also helped me get into a routine, so when 9:00a.m rolls around I don't need to push myself to get motivated, I already am  because it has become a lifestyle choice I made.
3. Don't pressure yourself, reward yourself. Studying takes a lot of motivation, commitment and mental stamina. So if on Friday night, you've only been studying for that unit exam for only 2 hours and have caught yourself dozing off - stop studying! This goes hand in hand with taking an exercise break, but the more you pressure yourself into memorizing the material in the textbook or trying to solve that one algebra equation that just isn't making sense, just stop what you're doing and go reward yourself. Go watch a 30 minute comedy show on T.V (2 Broke Girls, Dads, Mom, Big Bang Theory) and get yourself into that happy place again where you don't feel like everything is riding on that one exam. It's okay to strive to be successful in school, but there's successful and there's being pressured. And if you still feel like you cannot get into studying biology terminology, call it a night because when you're stressed and beating yourself up over something chances are you won't remember it anyways because whether you want to admit it or not, you've already mentally checked out. So, get some rest, hang out with friends, watch a movie and cuddle with your dog because tomorrow is another day. Remember that it should be about the journey, enjoy life, spread out your activities throughout the week because you do not have to cram everything in on one day.
4. You're personal best IS always good enough. You shouldn't feel like you have to be the best at everything. In my humble opinion that's what causes stress and anxiety. When it's time to take that test remember that you did your best throughout the week. You prepared physically by working out all your stress and nerves through exercise and, you made a schedule to help keep you motivated and organized. You also prepared mentally, not just by studying the course material, but by reassuring yourself that you're enough, you're personal best is good enough, you studied, you had fun and enjoyed the journey now you have to leave the rest up to someone else because you did all you can do to become successful.
Have a study stress reliever of your own? Leave us a comment below!
Maddy ( Ruby Red Contributor)