Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ask Michelly: Interview Attire

You asked: "How should I dress for a professional interview?"
Michelly answered: "I would say that you can never go wrong with dress pants and a nice shirt. Remember the golden rules of interview attire: No jeans, no leggings, no logo t-shirts, not hats and no running shoes. If you want to accessorize a rather dull outfit, make sure that your jewelry is tasteful (ex: delicate bracelets, small pendant necklaces, simple rings). If you want a more feminine approach to an interview outfit a dress skirt (pencil and a little passed the knee).  Overall, you want to dress for the part of the job. If you're applying at an office, iron your clothing and make sure you look professional. Most importantly, let your wardrobe show your personality."
- Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor) 

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