Friday, 1 November 2013

Get Organized: Cookie Cutter Edition

It's that time of year again! The time where you start making Christmas lists, getting party supplies, picking out Christmas cards, getting your recipes ready for baking and of course, getting your baking supplies organized (mainly your cookie cutters.)
About a year ago I bought a jumbo box of cookie cutters from Bed Bath & Beyond. In theory it was a great purchase and a great idea to get over 100 cookie cutters at such a low price, (I don't remember the price exactly anymore but I think they were between $19.99 - $25.00) but my only problem with the cookie cutters were that they were plastic and you couldn't really make out what the shapes were supposed to be. However, genius struck me today and I decided that I would "organize" my cookie cutters by holiday or shape and then write on the outside of the bag what shape of cookie cutter was inside each bag so it wouldn't be such a guessing game later on. Could you imagine if I made little ducky shaped cookies and gave them for Christmas gifts? Yikes!
That being said, follow along with the post to see just how I organized my cookie cutters and what you supplies you need to organize your own!
You will need:
2 different color permanent markers
Various sizes of Ziploc bags (depending on how many cutters you have per "category")
Windex & paper towel (to wipe off the permanent marker ink if you make a mistake)

#1.  To start off, I separated my cookie cutters into "categories" or "groups". I separated them into Halloween, Spring, Fun Shapes, Alpha & Numbers and Christmas.
#2.  Next, I decided which size of Ziploc bag I would need for each "group" of cookie cutters and then I listed each cookie cutter that was in in that bag. As you can see for my "Spring" bag I have a; flower, butterfly, tulip, shooting star, bunny, heart(s) and the Easter bunny. I repeated this for each bag needed.
#3. Last but not least, once the ink on the bags dried I tossed all of my cookie cutters into their designated bags, sealed them up and put them away for safe keeping until the holidays!
Now whenever I want to do baking for a special occasion or just cause, all I have to do is look at the label on the front of the bag and I will have easy access to the shape I want to bake with!
Do you have any organization tips? Leave them in the comments below!
- Maddy (Ruby Red Contributor)

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