Friday, 1 November 2013

Must Try: Johnson & Johnson Bubble Baths

Like we discussed before, it's getting to be that time where the snow falls more often than the sun shines and winter hats, chunky scarves and fuzzy mittens are a wardrobe staple.
But let's talk about how to warm up after being outside all day! Bath salts, beads, bombs and gels aren't the same anymore. They are so perfumed with a variety of overpowering scents (that should be used for, well - a perfume!) that not a lot of people like relaxing in the tub anymore!
Since the holiday season is about a month away, we thought it would be a good idea to bring your attention to two different bubble baths that are still relaxing, friendly on the body and won't overpower your home with offensive smells. And let's be honest, purchasing bath products for Christmas presents is getting harder and harder each year since scent really is a personal preference.
Here we have two of our favorite bubble bath scents from Johnson's. These bubble baths leave your skin as smooth as a baby's bum, (maybe because the bubble bath is reserved for babies) gives off light and relaxing scents and will leave you feeling refreshed every time you take a soak in your tub!
The bubble bath on the left (the peach colored bottle) is called "Sweet Melon" - it is the perfect light scent of peaches and melon mixed together and because the scent isn't too powerful you are able to relax and enjoy your book without feeling lightheaded after a while.
The bubble bath on the right (the teal colored bottle) is called "Soothing Vapour" - the best way to describe this bubble bath is to think of sitting in a liquid Vicks vapour rub bath. Honestly, this is the perfect bubble bath for after work when you've been lifting and pulling and twisting your body in awkward directions. It rejuvenates the muscles and makes you feel like you just got out of a nice steam bath! This bubble bath works great if you're sick with a cold too! Light some candles, get the water hot enough so you can sit in it, and breathe in the soothing vapour goodness!
These may not be your average or high end bubble baths but they do the trick all the same! You can find these at your local Wal-Mart, London Drugs, Target for about $6.00 and due to their friendly fragrances, they would make the perfect addition to that gift basket your making your neighbor or in-law!
Do you have a bath or beauty product you want us to try? Leave your comment down below! 

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