Saturday, 2 November 2013

The M&M Report: How to Deal with Workplace Woes

You asked: "How do I excel at a job where my employer isn't very approachable?"
 Michelly answered: "Just keep doing what you are doing. Show up to work on time, complete the tasks required to fulfill a workday and don't be afraid to put in a little extra effort when working around the store/office. Hopefully they will recognize your efforts sooner rather than later and good things will begin to snowball from there. Don't forget to participate in small talk every now and then to create a bond with your employer as well, from there you might become more comfortable with her and vice versa."
Maddy answered: "I agree with Michelly, and it's hard to add anything else really. I would like to expand on how to bond with your employer though. If you work in a small retail store or office, on everyone's down time (ex: lunch break) try to strike up a positive conversation with everyone in the office/store. By putting yourself out there you are marketing yourself to your boss. He/she gets to see the impression you make on others and learn a lot about your personality (what you like, don't like, your long and short-term goals).  By doing so, maybe the next time a new position opens up in the company your employer will consider the positive influence you bring to the company, and BOOM - hello promotion."

Have you overcome obstacles at work that at the time seemed impossible? Share your experience in the comments below!

-Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor)
- Maddy (Ruby Red Contributor) 

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