Saturday, 2 November 2013

The M&M Report: Accepting a Job

You asked: "If an employer offers the job to you right after you finish your interview in his/her office, should you accept the job just as fast or does it seem too desperate?"
Michelly answered: "If it is a job that you are really interested in and it feels right to you, just go for it! They probably won't see it as desperation - more like that you are eager to start learning and working for such a great company. I wouldn't worry too much about looking desperate. They offered you the job so why wait if its something you want. However, if you are having doubts then I would recommend thanking them for the offer but you will need some time to consider the position. Once you've had time to digest the information your received from your interview, if you decide that you want to accept the job call them back ASAP."
Maddy answered: "While I agree with you a little bit Michelly, I do have to disagree with accepting a job right on the spot. If it is a professional/corporate job offer I would suggest you telling them that you want to take the remainder of the day to think about your options and that you will get back to them before their closing time. To me this showcases that you have other options on the table and that you are a very marketable person and are a hard worker. Sometimes letting future employers think that you are wanted elsewhere will give them an extra push to "up the stakes" and offer you something more if you so choose to work for them. Ex: they may offer you a higher wage/salary, or other offers that will help you excel). However, if you are a part time student looking to work in a retail chain I would say that it is alright to accept the job on the spot. You'll get some work experience under your belt, make your bank account grow while you're looking for the next best thing."
Have you ever been hesitant about taking a job on the spot? Share your experience in the comments below!
-Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor)
-Maddy (Ruby Red Contributor) 

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