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Thirty Seconds To Mars - City Of Angels

As if you needed another reason to love Thirty Seconds To Mars, but here is their music video for their song "City of Angels" that Jared Leto, directed, produced and starred in along with several celebrities, impersonators and everyday people who have been touched by the city of Los Angeles.
Here are just a few of the comments made by celebrities that really resonated with us:
"Fame...is an illusion." - Ashley Olsen (on fame and the city)
"Who knows what's going to happen after this, I don't know. But if this is my only life then why am I not just doing everything that I want to do?" - James Franco  (on living life)
"My little brother calls me Linds, I like that." - Lindsay Lohan (on knowing who she is)
We encourage you to watch this music video, it is lengthier than most music videos but if you have some time to sit down and watch it, we truly recommend that you do. Don't forget to give us your feedback on this video and which statements really resonated with you!
Here is the link to the music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntlt2tKi4do

Quick Tip: Study Stresses

Whether you're in middle school, high school, your community college or university getting your graduate degree, school can take a toll on anyone. Especially during this part of the school year where you're either in the middle of midterms, just finishing them up or getting ready for that big unit test on Monday.
With that being said we brainstormed a short list of S.S.S.F's (Student Study Stress Relievers) for you. Use as many of them as you want or create some of your own and share them below! We hope this helps and remember not to let the pressures of school get you down!
1. Exercise. When your studying and you feel like you've hit a brick wall, take a break. An exercise break that is. Take your dog for a walk outside, head over to your local gym for a spin class or even practise yoga on the yoga mat you begged your mom for at Christmas. Sometimes it helps to get away from the environment that's causing you stress. Don't feel bad about taking an hour break to exercise. Trust us when we say that you will go back to studying with a clearer mind and you'll probably find that while you're running on the treadmill or throwing punches at a punching bag, you'll be rehearsing what you just studied in the back of your mind.
2. Make a schedule. I am attending university online so a lot of my study time has to come from a place of motivation and when I feel like I am ready to learn. And don't kid yourself I have to self-motivate myself a lot. Creating a schedule helped me feel like I was attending regular classes (even though I'm in my jammies) but it also helped me get into a routine, so when 9:00a.m rolls around I don't need to push myself to get motivated, I already am  because it has become a lifestyle choice I made.
3. Don't pressure yourself, reward yourself. Studying takes a lot of motivation, commitment and mental stamina. So if on Friday night, you've only been studying for that unit exam for only 2 hours and have caught yourself dozing off - stop studying! This goes hand in hand with taking an exercise break, but the more you pressure yourself into memorizing the material in the textbook or trying to solve that one algebra equation that just isn't making sense, just stop what you're doing and go reward yourself. Go watch a 30 minute comedy show on T.V (2 Broke Girls, Dads, Mom, Big Bang Theory) and get yourself into that happy place again where you don't feel like everything is riding on that one exam. It's okay to strive to be successful in school, but there's successful and there's being pressured. And if you still feel like you cannot get into studying biology terminology, call it a night because when you're stressed and beating yourself up over something chances are you won't remember it anyways because whether you want to admit it or not, you've already mentally checked out. So, get some rest, hang out with friends, watch a movie and cuddle with your dog because tomorrow is another day. Remember that it should be about the journey, enjoy life, spread out your activities throughout the week because you do not have to cram everything in on one day.
4. You're personal best IS always good enough. You shouldn't feel like you have to be the best at everything. In my humble opinion that's what causes stress and anxiety. When it's time to take that test remember that you did your best throughout the week. You prepared physically by working out all your stress and nerves through exercise and, you made a schedule to help keep you motivated and organized. You also prepared mentally, not just by studying the course material, but by reassuring yourself that you're enough, you're personal best is good enough, you studied, you had fun and enjoyed the journey now you have to leave the rest up to someone else because you did all you can do to become successful.
Have a study stress reliever of your own? Leave us a comment below!
Maddy ( Ruby Red Contributor) 

Monday, 28 October 2013

The M&M Report: Get Over Him, Girl!

You asked: "How do you move on from a love even when you've tried to go out on other dates and nothing seems to work out?"
Michelly answered: "Ahh yes that is a good question and there really isn't a wrong or right answer either. I would suggest that you keep trying to go out on dates, take your time and  do not feel pressured to get emotionally involved or change who you are so you can be in a new relationship.  Maybe put yourself out there more frequently by trying going out with friends more or sign up for one of your favorite activities and you never know you might bond with someone there. Also, surround yourself with positive people like your friends and family. A good support system can help you through almost anything and before you know it, the one you can't get over will soon be a distant memory."
Maddy answered: "First of all, get rid of any pictures, gifts or anything that reminds you of him out of your house. Keeping those things is like keeping your emotions bottled up, you're going to torture yourself by keeping those as reminders until you're finally ready to explode... which in your case sounds like you might continue to give yourself reasons to cry over him. I know this advice sounds really harsh, but trust me it works. Keep in mind that men (when they are the dumper) tend to get over a relationship faster than we do. So here's your chance to stick it to him! I second what Michelly says, go out with your girlfriends "sew your wild oats" and all those other cheesy clich├ęs I could use in this response. Just promise us that you won't torture yourself by holding onto the past when you're future is so much brighter."
Maddy (Ruby Red Contributor)
Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor) 

Ask Michelly: New Relationship Jitters!

We've decided to start a new feature on this blog where you can submit your relationship, life or career questions in and we'll answer them. Some of them will be answered by a couple of people where others will be answered by a person who can relate most to the topic at hand. Feel free to submit your questions publicly or privately and we will try to answer all of them as efficiently as possible.
Here's a look at how this works:
You Asked: "When is it appropriate to be intimate with someone you're newly dating? After 5 dates? 2 weeks? A month? And what do you risk (emotionally) if you are intimate too soon in a relationship?"
Michelly's Advice: "In my personal opinion and experiences, it is best to wait until you are comfortable and you have gotten to know the person on a more intimate level. Of course, it really comes down to what you decide, what you will and won't do and if you really feel like it is the best decision for your relationship. However, if you do feel that you may be getting intimate too early in the relationship you may risk the potential of this budding into a serious relationship, especially if he isn't as committed as you are and if that's the case it may just turn into a "booty-call" type of relationship. Overall you have to listen to your listen to your heart and go with your head. If you honestly feel like being intimate with someone on the first date is for you, then by all means go for it. Everyone is different and will have different opinions regarding this subject. You just have to know what type of person you are, who you want to be remembered as and don't let yourself be pressured into being someone or something you're not."
Have you ever been in a similar situation? Do you have any advice to offer? Share it in a comment or message! This topic is open for discussion!
- Michelly (Ruby Red Contributor)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fit Tip Maddy: Cure a Sweet Tooth

I have the worst sweet tooth in the world! Can you relate?
It doesn't matter how many times I have tried to eat vegetables or anything healthy, when I'm in a mood for something sweet (chocolate almonds, chocolate strawberries, gummy bears, etc.) there is no stopping me. Sometimes I'll deliberately go to the grocery store just for snacks.
That being said, because I am trying to get fit (not dangerously skinny) for a 3k run in September 2014, I have vowed to take more control of my sweet tooth rather than indulge like it's going to be my last meal.
I posted this picture of a bowl of cut up fruit with a dollop of yogurt because believe it or not it can help cure a sweet tooth. Sprinkle a little dark chocolate shavings in with the yogurt and you'll be laughing to the bank. I never truly believed that you could get full off of fruit before but you can and it's healthier (not in terms of sugar) than let's say that mint chocolate chip ice cream sitting in your freezer.
So here's my challenge to you: The next time you have a craving for a chocolate bar, or a big bowl of ice cream, try indulging in a bowl full of fresh fruit. Especially pineapple! Not a big fan of fruit? Make a smoothie! I'll post my favorite raspberry-banana breakfast smoothie later on. Smoothie's are just as great and they can sometimes keep you fuller longer.
Let me know how you do with this challenge! I'll keep you up to date on my journey to getting healthy for my 3k run!
Thanks for listening,
Maddy (Ruby Red Contributor)

Best Friends for Everyone!

Raise your hand if you can count your closest friends on your fingers. Okay. Now raise your hand if those friends differ in age, sex, culture or even sexual orientation. If you found that a little tricky, here's a quick list of why it's important to have a variety of good friends.
1. Age. It's important to have friends in every age group because it will allow you to appreciate life and have a fuller grasp on what to expect. You should have friends your own age, friends younger than you (we're talking like 3 years younger than you, someone you can still relate to but don't have to worry about diaper duty) and someone older than you. These various age groups will help you relate to your society even more than you ever expected. A younger age group allows you to stay in touch with pop culture, what's new and growing in the world of technology, your own age group allows you to stay connected to who you are and what your goals and values are and an older age group allows you gain advice from those who have lived life to their fullest.
2. Gender/Sexual Orientation. Having friends who have different life experiences that you is extremely beneficial and it allows you to truly appreciate the human heart. Friends who can teach you something about society should be seen as gifts.
3. Culture/Religion. If you have friends from a different part of the world, whether its a person you met in school or maybe even a pen pal, you will truly be able to appreciate what you have. You will be less likely to take things for granted, you will become stronger because those people are strong, brave and committed to themselves that you will want to be the best version of yourself as well. These types of friends can teach you a lot about diversity, how important it is and how much we gain from a beautiful, diverse world.
So if you're going off to college or starting a new job, remember that everyone deserves a chance. Everyone in this world can teach you something very beneficial that will help shape you into the person you aspire to become.

Let's Go There: Therapy Sessions

Let's go there.
I have dealt with an anxiety disorder for majority of my life. It's not always fun and I've been called everything from "crazy" to "difficult to be around." How do you think that makes me feel? Absolutely horrible. So why is it that people find it okay to talk to me like this? It's because they are uneducated in regards to anxiety. They see a person unable to cope with stress and immediately start throwing labels out at them. It's unfair, it's cruel and we need to talk about it. I want to use this blog as a platform to help people who also have anxiety. To let them get involved in discussions like these so they don't feel "crazy" or "difficult to be around."
Another stigma about anxiety/depression is the resource often given, therapy. Or in other words, seeing a psychologist. A lot of people don't understand why someone needs therapy. "Can't you figure it out on your own? I had to and I've been dealt and even crappier hand than you" or "It's all about how you react to these situations. If you didn't get so worked up all the time you probably would be able to get stuff done faster" are types of conversations I have had with people when I tell them I have attended therapy sessions. Not very supportive is it? But what they fail to realize is that seeing a therapist is a form of therapy. A way to help me learn how to cope with anxiety. I am given tips, tricks and tools in order for me to grow as a person and sometimes we all need someone to talk to. Someone who is unbiased and has our best interest at heart. 
From all the negativity I have experienced here's what I have learned: Mental health issues are such a trivial topic, almost as if you were to discuss religion or politics. Not everyone understands, people will attack you because you are different and it's emotionally draining to get someone on your "side." So in regards to needing a support system through your difficult times, do not tell people who aren't willing to support you 100%. Personal note: I have family members who do not accept my anxiety disorder as an actual medical problem. So you know what I do? I don't talk to them about my personal life. Now, I'm not telling you to rid everyone from your life. Sometimes when you need to vent to someone, they are unable because they have a life of their own as and you must keep that in mind as well. What I am  trying to say is, don't keep toxicity around you. If your friend tells you you're a loser because you're too scared to go rock climbing, ditch them. If your friends tells you they will call you back in a few days when they can dedicate their full attention to hearing your stresses. Cherish them.
Overall, I want this blog post to be as relatable as possible. I want to keep it short and sweet so you can move on to other features on this blog but keep in mind that this will be a topic that resurfaces once in awhile. Feel free to comment and share your own similar experiences.
Thanks for listening,
Maddy (Ruby Red Contributor)

Open Discussion: Shocking or No?

Miranda Kerr and her husband Orlando Bloom made it public knowledge this week that they have decided to separate. Honestly, are we shocked?
Over the summer the Victoria's Secret model was spotted on numerous occasions sans wedding ring. Back in the warmer months rumors of a possible split began to surface but then suddenly fizzled out when the couple were seen together more frequently.
That being said, it doesn't really come to us as a surprise. Even though the pair were spotted together didn't prove that they were actually "happy" together. We strongly believe that the couple was having relationship difficulties earlier on but amicably agreed to work it out for the sake of their young son Flynn.
You've heard our opinion now it's time to open up the discussion to you! What do you think about this split? Shocking or not so much? 

Showdown: Vampire Diaries Hottie Edition

Okay so we're sure a lot of you watch this show and are just as obsessed with it as the rest of us! So now it's your turn to let your voice be heard!
Are you Team Stefan? or are you Team Damon? It's a tricky decision we know since in our humble opinion they both deserve her for different reasons. And it is because of that reason that we here at Ruby Red are unable to pick a side.
So let us know your opinion or which side you are on! Maybe with a little persuasion we'll finally be able to decide with Salvatore brother Elena deserves more!

Bestie Fun 101!

It's starting to get into those winter months again! So we thought it would be fun to create a quick list of things you can do with your besties during those days where you have no choice but to be stuck inside or even during those times when you're itching to play in some powder!
Winter Bestie Fun 101 (Indoors)
1. Bake up a storm! During a half day off from school or a long weekend, rally up a bunch of your girlfriends and bake some cookies or cupcakes! We hear the S'mores cookies are really good! (recipe to follow)
2. Princess Party! Who doesn't love a good Disney Princess movie? Or how about a marathon of them? Grab your buddies, pop some popcorn, make some cocktails (virgin or with alcohol), dress up as your fave princesses and pretend like you're the "Belle of the Ball."
3. Game Day! You're never to old to play 'Truth or Dare' or even 'Go Fish'. Find a game that you and your besties all love, throw on a pot of hot tea/coffee or hot chocolate, eat some of those tasty treats you made earlier and let your competitive nature shine!
4. Strike a Pose! You can go as fancy as you like by creating your own backdrop or props or you can be as simple as you want by taking photos with just funny faces. A fun photo shoot can make those dreary winter days go by fast and you'll have photo evidence of that wonderful day spent with your closest girlfriends!
5. Get Crafty! Round up a couple of your besties and get your creativity on. Surf Pinterest boards (preferably ours) and get some DIY ideas. Maybe make some cute customized wine glasses/charms to give as Christmas presents or paint ceramics together! The options are endless.
Winter Bestie Fun 101 (Outdoors)
1. Build a Snowman family! This is  the perfect opportunity for a few friends to get together and go break in their new snow pants. You can get as creative with these families as you want, give them names, customize their carrot noses, facial expressions or whatever you please. Plus, the end result (your snowman family) is enjoyable and makes your neighborhood a little more festive for the holiday season!
2. Have a snowball fight! Well, a nice one anyways. Gather a couple of your friends, divide up into teams, and get launching. Decide on the rules and a prize and finish up the game with a hot cup of hot chocolate from Tim Horton's! Tip: make sure you don't throw it like a dodge ball and that the snowball doesn't contain rough ice pieces. Ouch!
3. Go skating! Not everyone is coordinated to go snowboarding or go skiing and sometimes it's easy to feel left out when some of your friends decide to hit the slopes while you're stuck at home babysitting the dog - again! To us, skating is a safer winter sport (well, kinda if you disregard the sharp blades) but chances are if you ask your friend up the street to hit the local ice pond for a quick skate she'll say yes and you won't have to be bored on another weekend.
4. Strike a Pose! Michelle and Maddy do this all the time. It doesn't matter what the weather conditions are they always try to have fun. Find a scenic place in your neighborhood or city, grab two cameras (trust us you'll need them) and start taking pictures of whatever you feel like. Do funny faces, cute winter portraits, awkward poses or reference a photo challenge list either and tackle the challenge together!  Trust us, it might be cold while you're outside waiting for your camera to take the picture, but the backdrop of crisp snow banks makes it worth it! Tip: wear boots if you plan on stomping through deep snow banks, you don't want to have to heat your socks up over the car air vents!
5. Be an Angel! Again, you're never too young to make a snow angel! Honestly, when was the last time you even made a snow angel? Even though this doesn't take up a lot of time, you and your friends can head outside and make funny snow angels together while you wait for your next pot of tea to boil!
So there you have it, a quick list of 10 activities to do both indoor and outdoor with your best friends! We hope this will bring you lots of joy and entertainment as the winter months begin and Christmas holidays grow closer!
Do you have an idea or activity that you do with your friends during winter break? Share your opinion by leaving a comment or message! 

How fair is it?

So we couldn't help but notice how much attention this has been getting. As most of you probably know, Selena Gomez teared up during a performance of her song "Love Will Remember." According to the news and other blogs online, the songs inspiration was her romance with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Now we all know that breakups can be difficult, and keep in mind they were together for quite a long time (approx. 2 or 3 years) so of course it is going to take some time for her to get over him. We're also sure that having to deal with such a personal and private matter in such a public way isn't making things easy on her either. Hence her quote saying: "Everyday I am told that I am not sexy enough."

So our question to all of you is: "How fair is it that her breakup has to be exploited in every way possible?" Do you believe it is our right to know what is going on in her personal life because she is a public figure or do you believe that we should all leave her alone, stop patronizing her because she has real emotions and let her deal with her breakup for privately?

We'd love to hear your take so leave us a comment or a message!

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Hello there,

If you're visiting or just passing through, let us give you a quick backstory on what a Ruby Red can do for you!

The mission for creating this blog is to provide all of you with easy, affordable recipes that you can prepare anytime of the week, realistic fitness programs and tips along with my our personal struggles, host open discussions revolving around pop culture, touch on everyday hot topics that revolve around love and life and most importantly  we don't want you to just sit at a computer desk and read our personal opinions but we want you to get involved also! Share your own fitness tips, recipes, opinions on pop culture or advice regarding other hot topic issues!  

What sets this blog apart from all of the other "lifestyle" blogs you ask? After several years of following different blogs (sports, celebrity, fashion & fitness) we truly realized that a good majority of those resources offered aren't always accessible to Canadians or other countries around the globe. One of the biggest factors in developing a healthy lifestyle is the ability to use the resources in your own neighborhood or "backyard".  That being said, it is our  intension to help you improvise with what you do not have (ie: organic oranges for orange chicken, elliptical machines, money for latest fashion trends) so you will be able to live life comfortably and finally allow yourself to feel like you can accomplish anything!

Thanks for stopping by!

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