Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fit Tip Maddy: Cure a Sweet Tooth

I have the worst sweet tooth in the world! Can you relate?
It doesn't matter how many times I have tried to eat vegetables or anything healthy, when I'm in a mood for something sweet (chocolate almonds, chocolate strawberries, gummy bears, etc.) there is no stopping me. Sometimes I'll deliberately go to the grocery store just for snacks.
That being said, because I am trying to get fit (not dangerously skinny) for a 3k run in September 2014, I have vowed to take more control of my sweet tooth rather than indulge like it's going to be my last meal.
I posted this picture of a bowl of cut up fruit with a dollop of yogurt because believe it or not it can help cure a sweet tooth. Sprinkle a little dark chocolate shavings in with the yogurt and you'll be laughing to the bank. I never truly believed that you could get full off of fruit before but you can and it's healthier (not in terms of sugar) than let's say that mint chocolate chip ice cream sitting in your freezer.
So here's my challenge to you: The next time you have a craving for a chocolate bar, or a big bowl of ice cream, try indulging in a bowl full of fresh fruit. Especially pineapple! Not a big fan of fruit? Make a smoothie! I'll post my favorite raspberry-banana breakfast smoothie later on. Smoothie's are just as great and they can sometimes keep you fuller longer.
Let me know how you do with this challenge! I'll keep you up to date on my journey to getting healthy for my 3k run!
Thanks for listening,
Maddy (Ruby Red Contributor)

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