Sunday, 27 October 2013

How fair is it?

So we couldn't help but notice how much attention this has been getting. As most of you probably know, Selena Gomez teared up during a performance of her song "Love Will Remember." According to the news and other blogs online, the songs inspiration was her romance with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Now we all know that breakups can be difficult, and keep in mind they were together for quite a long time (approx. 2 or 3 years) so of course it is going to take some time for her to get over him. We're also sure that having to deal with such a personal and private matter in such a public way isn't making things easy on her either. Hence her quote saying: "Everyday I am told that I am not sexy enough."

So our question to all of you is: "How fair is it that her breakup has to be exploited in every way possible?" Do you believe it is our right to know what is going on in her personal life because she is a public figure or do you believe that we should all leave her alone, stop patronizing her because she has real emotions and let her deal with her breakup for privately?

We'd love to hear your take so leave us a comment or a message!

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