Saturday, 26 October 2013


Hello there,

If you're visiting or just passing through, let us give you a quick backstory on what a Ruby Red can do for you!

The mission for creating this blog is to provide all of you with easy, affordable recipes that you can prepare anytime of the week, realistic fitness programs and tips along with my our personal struggles, host open discussions revolving around pop culture, touch on everyday hot topics that revolve around love and life and most importantly  we don't want you to just sit at a computer desk and read our personal opinions but we want you to get involved also! Share your own fitness tips, recipes, opinions on pop culture or advice regarding other hot topic issues!  

What sets this blog apart from all of the other "lifestyle" blogs you ask? After several years of following different blogs (sports, celebrity, fashion & fitness) we truly realized that a good majority of those resources offered aren't always accessible to Canadians or other countries around the globe. One of the biggest factors in developing a healthy lifestyle is the ability to use the resources in your own neighborhood or "backyard".  That being said, it is our  intension to help you improvise with what you do not have (ie: organic oranges for orange chicken, elliptical machines, money for latest fashion trends) so you will be able to live life comfortably and finally allow yourself to feel like you can accomplish anything!

Thanks for stopping by!

- Ruby Red Team

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